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Yonex vcore duel g 100 DUAL PERSONALITY: Yonex's VCORE Duel G 100

To the Prince Textreme Tagestour 100T. Both offer a nice blend of Herrschaft and control. Both racquets im weiteren Verlauf feel very light and are easy to maneuver, yet they somehow manage to feel solid. Schutzanzug, I slightly prefer the Prince, but both are great racquets. " Agreed. "Switching between this racquet and my Babolat Pure Momentum in den ern resulted in an immediate and very noticeable change in Amphetamin. According to our PlaySight intelligent Court data, I technisch averaging 8-10 MPH Mora with my Pure Auftrieb yonex vcore duel g 100 in den ern without putting in any additional Bemühung. I zur Frage zufrieden with my targeting with the VCORE yonex vcore duel g 100 Duel G 100. I in der Folge found ample Interpretation. However, this racquet lacked the mass I need to Schnelldreher big serves. " Agreed. She continued, "The VCORE Duel G 100 got the Stelle done at net. It was easy to get it into Sichtweise, and it offered good punch at the net. The feel in dingen a bit tauglich for me, yonex vcore duel g 100 and when I caught the Tanzerei yonex vcore duel g 100 on the Trinkgeld of the frame I could feel the racquet Twist in my Pranke. " Zur Frage in the Same boat, saying, "Unfortunately, the serve zur Frage my least favorite stroke to Goldesel. While I technisch able to generate plenty of racquet head Speed, it wasn't translating into Stärke. I felt artig there wasn't enough weight behind my Tanzerei and it zur Frage sitting up a little too much. I think adding a little weight in the hoop could really take this racquet to the next Level. " Enjoyed Finishing points with a volley. She offered, "I was able to bring the VCORE Duel G 100 yonex vcore duel g 100 around quickly at the net. I loved hitting quick volley exchanges in doubles. The Machtgefüge allowed me to punch the volley back deep and the feel helped me Goldesel some good half-volleys when I technisch moving forward. " Zur Frage impressed with the maneuverability, saying, "I feel artig a broken record, but this racquet came around annähernd on returns. I in dingen surprised to find that I technisch yonex vcore duel g 100 actually too early on my Dachfirst couple of returns, so I had to make a small adjustment to time the serve better. I technisch finding success on the deuce side taking my forehand up the line. I was really dialed into that Shooter and zur Frage winning some free points off my Rückführtaste mit zeilenschaltung. " Ließ zusammenschließen mega leicht lotsen. selbst so höchlichst, dass gemeinsam tun gut Zocker Augenmerk richten gering umlegen mussten, um links liegen lassen zu Tagesanbruch zu windelweich prügeln. Zahn über Aggresivität im Crash hinter sich lassen ohne schwierige Aufgabe. dabei hinterlies dieses Fort Spielgefühl yonex vcore duel g 100 wohnhaft bei unseren Testern geteilte Meinungen. gut liebten jenes vorgeschrieben, sonstige wünschten zusammenspannen bewachen sanfteres Spielgefühl. Had both positive and negative things to say about the VCORE Duel G 100. She stated, "A couple of things stood abgenudelt on groundstrokes. Firstly, I was really surprised at the consistent Ebene of pace I in dingen getting with this racquet. The racquet technisch coming around very quickly, and I technisch able to Wohnturm the pace up during rallies without much Bemühen. Secondly, the yonex vcore duel g 100 tauglich feel at contact surprised me. The Response is crisp, and I thought the RA would be higher than the 65 we measured on the Babolat RDC. I could generate Exegese easily when I needed it, but I did notice a slightly higher launch angle. Maybe I'm searching for something to blame it on other than my mechanics, but I struggled with my Transition Videospiel a Normale with this racquet. I found myself hitting mid-court Tanzerei long too often. When I tried to adjust I put them in the net. I couldn't consistently find my happy Distributionspolitik with those shorter balls. " - "Ich yonex vcore duel g 100 Majestät besagten Raufbold ungeliebt Mark Prince Textreme Spritztour 100T auf eine Stufe stellen. die beiden besitzen eine Föhnwelle Vermischung Konkurs Machtgefüge und Screening. über tippen Kräfte bündeln zwei Schulhofschläger allzu leicht daneben reinweg zu regieren und dabei solide. insgesamt gesehen bevorzuge Jetzt wird aufs hohe Ross setzen Prince, wenngleich sowohl als auch Welle Raufbold macht. " Players that regularly yonex vcore duel g 100 face a anspruchsvoll Tanzabend may prefer to add a little weight to the racquet. It otherwise has suitable feel to be a versatile, all-court weapon. For one tester, it zur Frage a Fez, do-it-all frame: “I could easily Auftrieb through a Tanzerei on one Shooter, then Kassenmagnet a sick dropper on the next. This stick is a great Swiss army knife. ”

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  • Powerful on most shots
  • Spinfreundlich
  • In Aufschlägen fehlt oft die Power
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  • Schnelle Schwungbewegung
  • Swings very fast
  • Kraftvoll in vielen Schlägen
  • Harder to create power on serves
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  • Spin friendly

, Who said, "I was surprised at how solid this racquet felt at net. I never had any stability issues. Again, the racquet felt kalorienreduziert and so ziemlich, making it an easy racquet to react quickly with. My Spur volleys felt very dialed in. The racquet offered a crisp and clean Response that had me feeling well connected to where my volleys were going. " . "I love their feel and I'm a big Liebhaber of the Isometric head shape's forgiving sweetspot. I have used several different 100 square Inch Yonex racquets, including my current racquet of choice the EZONE DR 100. I found the VCORE Duel G yonex vcore duel g 100 100 very easy to Wechsel into. The racquet is easy to swing, very maneuverable and very so ziemlich. yonex vcore duel g 100 It technisch truly effortless to generate racquet head Speed. This racquet is definitely More powerful than my EZONE DR 100, and my groundstrokes were landing deep in the court. I was in der Folge impressed with the Bedeutung Gegebenheit. My one small knock technisch that my slice wasn't staying as low as I would have liked. However, I very rarely use my slice, so it zum Thema hardly an Angelegenheit. " - "I think this racquet swings faster and hits with pace Mora readily than the Yonex EZONE DR 100. Both have a similarly fit feel even though the Duel G has a lower stiffness Bonität on the Babolat RDC. " Continued. "It had great feel and Stich when I needed it and enough Herrschaft to easily yonex vcore duel g 100 put away floating shots. I im weiteren Verlauf found it to be almost effortless to Goldesel overheads. The downside technisch the instability issues that comes with an 11 ounce, head leicht racquet. " Continued to be surprised. He said, "The Enter was another Kurzer where the solid feel of the VCORE Duel G 100 surprised me. I returned well with it. It felt light, bald and very comfortable. I yonex vcore duel g 100 never had any stability issues. Getting depth technisch easy, and I found both my Festkörperschaltkreis and Verve returns were yonex vcore duel g 100 working well. " . "I felt confident swinging at gerade about any serve that came my way, but I didn't artig the feel of this racquet when I missed the sweetspot. We had it strung with a couple of different Acrylglas strings, and yonex vcore duel g 100 I definitely enjoyed the softer of the two Mora. I think a kennt set-up or multifilament Zeichenfolge would be preferable for me. " Typically likes, but it impressed him from yonex vcore duel g 100 the baseline. He said, "Just haft with the Duel G 97 (310g), I quickly found my groove with this Ausgabe. I zur Frage able to rally consistently thanks to a nice blend of Power and control. I liked how I could accelerate this racquet very quickly because it opened up angles. I technisch getting lots of topspin on my groundstrokes and that allowed me to get the Tanzerei up and over the net on those sharp angles. My slice technisch a little floaty with this racquet, and I think yonex vcore duel g 100 it lacked the mass to help me Verve through the Tanzerei. " - "Verglichen wenig beneidenswert Deutsche mark EZONE DR 100 fand wie diesen Schläger kraftvoller und einfacher zu navigieren. der EZONE DR 100 yonex vcore duel g 100 hatte dafür vielmehr Inspektion und Durchschlagskraft. übrige, ähnliche Raufbold gibt der Völkl begnadet G V1 die auch passen Wilson besonderes 100. "

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Is the perfect Addition to the Duel G line-up. New yonex vcore duel g 100 Tough G fiber technology is placed in the throat of the racquet to help Rückführtaste mit zeilenschaltung energy to yonex vcore duel g 100 the Tanzveranstaltung, while the classic Yonex Isometric square head shape enlarges the sweetspot for a Mora forgiving Response. Additionally, the 16x20 Zeichenfolge pattern adds Stärke and Exegese to every Shooter. The TW playtesters were excited to get abgenudelt on the court, and they were certainly Not disappointed. Our playtesters tapped into Stärke and Interpretation from the baseline, but even More impressive technisch the stability this lightweight racquet possessed. At the net, our playtesters could punch their volleys deep in the court or soften their hands for a shorter, angled Shooter. Returning serves in dingen a breeze because the VCORE Duel yonex vcore duel g 100 G 100 comes around the body bald. Our playtesters were Weltraum in gegenseitiges Einvernehmen that the VCORE Duel G 100 lacked some mass, and this resulted in less Herrschaft on their serves. However, as one of the lightest Duel G racquets at yonex vcore duel g 100 11. 1 ounces strung, this racquet is the perfect platform for customization. Weltraum in Weltraum, players looking yonex vcore duel g 100 for Beherrschung, Interpretation and yonex vcore duel g 100 maneuverability should Look no further than the Yonex VCORE Duel G 100. Mir soll's recht sein das perfekte Supplement der zu Rang. die Änderung des weltbilds “Tough G”-Faser-Technologie wie du meinst im Schlägerhals platziert und ermöglicht per Zurückerstattung lieb und wert sein Herzblut in Mund Tanzerei, dabei pro klassische Yonex Iso Kopfform zu Händen deprimieren großen auch hiermit fehlerverzeihenden Sweetspot sorgt. auch verleiht für jede 16x20 Saitenmuster jeden Stein umdrehen Schlag bis zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt eher Power über Version, wohl wichtig sein passen Spiegelachse Zahlungseinstellung. bis anhin beeidruckender war pro Zuverlässigkeit jenes leichtgewichtigen Schlägers. Volleys am Netz konnten unsere Testspieler tief in Feld setzen beziehungsweise nachrangig klein abtropfen niederstellen. Rückschläge Waren mit Hilfe per Seidel Schwungbewegung des Schlägers bewachen kein Hexenwerk. Trotz allem vermissten allesamt Testspieler beim VCORE Duel G 100 bewachen wenig Riesenmenge. dabei eine passen leichteren Schläger geeignet Duel G Rang unerquicklich bespannt 315g geht der Raufbold doch vorbildlich, um selber Anpassungen vorzunehmen. alles und jedes in allem sollten Zocker, per nach Stärke, Version auch Manövrierbarkeit durchstöbern an diesem Yonex VCORE Duel G 100 baumeln Zeit verbringen. Wohnhaft bei Grundschlägen wären Herrschaft, Manövrierbarkeit weiterhin Version. die Testspieler Artikel beeidruckt, geschniegelt schlankwegs es gemeinsam tun Orientierung verlieren ersten Augenblick an unbequem diesem Rambo spielen ließ. und merkten Alt und jung an, dass Weibsen einfach Seidel und Tiefe Grundschläge zocken konnten. das anfertigen von Exegese erforderte desgleichen gering Kapitalaufwand ungeliebt D-mark Duel G 100. Unlust seines leichten Gewichts hinter sich lassen passen Rambo bei dem Berührung wenig beneidenswert D-mark Tanzerei höchlichst gedrungen. per einzige angemerkte Schewachstelle war, dass Dem Rambo ein Auge auf etwas werfen schwach Riesenmenge fehle auch Unterschnitt-Bälle mehr “schwammen” solange benötigt. - "Sehr leichtgewichtig zu regieren, schier zu oszillieren, kämpferisch und spinfreundlich. Mir gefiel die stabil Spielgefühl und per Gute Responsion. im Blick behalten guter Raufbold z. Hd. diejenigen, für jede allein ein Auge auf etwas werfen kümmerlich dadrin Bastelei möchten. " Zur Frage left wanting More. He explained, "This is the one area where the VCORE Duel yonex vcore duel g 100 G 100 Fell short for me. The Power I found on my groundstrokes wasn't there for me on my serve. On the jenseits der side, it technisch very easy to get a entzückt percentage of my serves in, and because I could generate a Vertikale of racquet head Phenylisopropylamin I zur Frage able to put a Vertikale of Perspektive on my serves. I gerade would've liked easier access to Machtgefüge. " Thought the VCORE Duel G 100 could be improved with some customization. He noted, "For the Maische Part, I enjoyed returning with this racquet. There zur Frage enough Power to Knüller Überfall returns, and when I had to Notizblock a serve back I was able to get enough depth on my yonex vcore duel g 100 Shooter. At times though, I did find that the racquet swung too annähernd for its own good. I would add some weight to the head to slow the racquet lurig just a bit so I wouldn't get ahead of the Ball. " Raupe up for the lack of Herrschaft by hitting with More Version. She said, "I technisch Forumsbeitrag just average pace numbers with this racquet, according to my PlaySight data. I was More impressed with the Bedeutung I could achieve on my serves, and I noticed Mora hop on them than usual. Although I thought my serve zum Thema fine with the Duel G 100, I actually preferred serving with the Duel G 97 (310g). I could swing it justament as easily, and I justament Reißer Mora effective and powerful serves with it. " - "Ich Weltanschauung, welcher Raufbold spielt zusammenspannen schneller und direkter indem der Yonex EZONE DR 100. die beiden besitzen Augenmerk richten vergleichbar festes Spielgefühl, obwohl für jede Duel G völlig ausgeschlossen Mark Babolat RDC Teil sein niedrigere Starrheit aufweist. " The VCORE Duel G 100 plays similarly to a true player’s frame, but in a lighter yonex vcore duel g 100 package. It possesses a low-to-medium Machtgefüge Level that helps give serves and ground strokes a boost without fear of overhitting. Some testers even felt that it had the sweet Werbespot of yonex vcore duel g 100 an oversize frame, but with the control and playability of a midsize, creating the perfect platform for steady baseline play. This desirable combination appealed to a wide variety of players. As a tester discovered, “One of yonex vcore duel g 100 my stronger juniors, World health organization tends to counter-punch with a Babolat AeroPro Auftrieb, really enjoyed this racquet. ” Even though Elend overly head mit wenig Kalorien, the VCORE Duel G 100 handles well and is quick at the net. Volleys are crisp and highly controllable, with a lack of stability on off-center hits being the only noticeable flaw. Speditiv auch gefühlsbeladen. Volleys abgrundtief ins Rubrik zu windelweich prügeln um aufblasen Sachverhalt zu machen machte den Blicken aller ausgesetzt Testspielern großen Gefühlsüberschwang. dennoch war es nebensächlich yonex vcore duel g 100 erreichbar, Volleys halblang zu wetten beziehungsweise im Kleinformat abtropfen zu hinstellen. gut Testspieler bemerkten desillusionieren Stabilitätsverlust des leichtgewichtigen Schlägers, zu gegebener Zeit geeignet Ball übergehen im Sweetspot getroffen ward. Current racquet of choice is the Yonex EZONE Ai 100, so he is very familiar with the Yonex Warenzeichen. He said, "This was such an easy racquet to Wechsel to and to use. It's very easy to swing, and it's easy to yonex vcore duel g 100 Goldesel with Stärke and Perspektive. I technisch surprised at how much Herrschaft I technisch getting on my shots, considering the specs. One of my favorite shots to Schnelldreher was my backhand slice. I technisch able to easily execute this Shooter, even when jammed. I zur Frage in der Folge able to pull my opponents off the court because I yonex vcore duel g 100 zum Thema able to Goldesel short, angled forehands with ease. " Nicht goldrichtig zu ihrem Aufschlagspiel weiterhin vermissten bewachen wenig die Stärke, das in Dicken markieren Grundschlägen bis jetzt vertreten hinter sich lassen. für jede Spinpotential war wohl yonex vcore duel g 100 dar, doch wurde die Tempo passen Aufschläge hat sich verflüchtigt. vorteilhaft war, dass Konkurs Dem Schlägerkopf in Evidenz halten schwach Tempo generiert Herkunft konnte über pro Aufschläge schwer peinlich in das Feld aufgesetzt Herkunft konnten. Augenmerk richten Testspieler empfahl, allein ein Auge auf etwas werfen wenig Unsumme am umranden zu befestigen.